Isolated DC/DC Converters 10W-30W EC*SBW Series

Cincon Electronics Co., Ltd. is a global supplier of switch mode power conversion products to the communications, computer, industrial, medical, consumer and lighting markets. All converters are design and manufacture industry standard, RoHS compliant, DC-DC converters, AC-DC power supplies and LED power supplies. Current offerings comprise over 3000 standard products including single & multiple output DC-DC converters from 1W to 700W , single & multiple output AC adapters from 5W to 150 W, open frame AC-DC power supplies from 5W to 1600W and LED power supplies from 16W to 150W.
One of the CINCON projects are the EC*SBW series with compact dimension 1"x 1"x0.4", which provide 10W to 30W of output power at single output voltages of 3.3V, 5V, 12V, 15V DC and dual outputs voltages of ± 5V, ± 12V and ± 15V DC. These modules are compliant with industry standard 1"× 2" footprint. They have a wide input voltage range of 9V to 36V DC and 18V to 75V DC and 1500VDC input to output isolation.

The EC*SBW series have a very high efficiency from 81% to 90.5% and allows ambient operating temperature range of –40°C to 85°C. The modules are fully protected against input UVLO (under voltage lock out), output over-current, over-voltage protection and over-temperature and continuous short circuit conditions. EC*SBW series also feature very low no load power consumption (5-70mA) and make these converters an ideal solution for energy critical systems. Furthermore, the standard control functions include remote on/off and 10% adjustable output voltage.

Automotive Rectifier Diode Press-Fit

Discrete components are an integral part of modern cars. A typical vehicle has a large number of control units (ECU) embedded in systems that include those that manage the engine, transmission, active safety, passenger comfort and information and entertainment system. The HY Electronic company has a wide range of discreet products compliant with the automotive requirements according to the qualification standards of discrete components in the automotive electronics industry AEC Q101. Ropla Elektronik would like to present you a new product of its supplier, which is used in the field of automotive. These are rectifier diodes intended for car engine alternator systems, which will be available in June this year.

The table below presents the basic diode parameters for forward current 35A and 50A. In a short time they will also be available for 60A, 70A and 80A currents for the same reverse voltage ranges.

VINATech Lithium Ion Capacitors

VINATech launched a series of VLC, a radial supercapacitors called LIC (Lithium Ion Capacitor).

LIC uses the physical adsorption/desorption reaction of EDLC on the anode and the lithium redox reaction of LIB (Lithium Ion Battery) on the cathode. Therefore, LIC is a hybrid ultra capacitor that combines the high energy density characteristics of LIB, while maintaining long life and high power characteristics of EDLC.

This innovative hybrid technology uses active carbon with a lithium electrode to create a high-density capacitor with low self-discharge characteristics.

LIC capacitors provide up to four times higher energy density compared to the existing EDLC series and the market-leading 3volt VINATECH 3V series.

The VLC series offers extremely low leakage current, making it suitable for typical applications in IoT systems and for many rechargeable products, such as:


The VLC series is fully compliant with the RoHS, WEEE and REACH regulations and there are no restrictions on international transport.

With Cincon continued focus on the development of Railway application market, we are here to introduce their latest product design, the DC/DC CHASSIS MOUNT CFB600W-110Sxx-CMFD Series. With a wide 4:1, 43~160Vdc input range, this new product is a chassis mountable DC-DC converters offers 600 watts of output power @ single output voltages of 12, 24, 28, 48VDC. It has a very low no load power consumption requirement of 25mA. Efficiency can go as high as 88%, and has a case operating temperature of - 40°C to 100°C. Other features includes remote on/off (positive or negative), and -40%~+10% adjustable output voltage.The chassis structure offers built-in EMI EN50155, EN50121-3-2 filter, and meet EN45545-2 requirements for the essential railway market needs. Also, it is approved for UL60950-1 2nd (Basic Insulation). Protection parameters includes UVLO, OVP, OCP, OTP, and continuous short circuit conditions.

Although the product was primary design for all common railway applications of 72V, 96V, 110V nominal voltages, it is also suitable for distributed power architectures, telecommunications, battery operated equipment and industrial applications.

Ropla Elektronik wish you a Merry Christmas

Ropla Elektronik at the Evertiq Expo Cracow on October 4, 2018

We are pleased to inform you that Ropla Elektronik as one of the leading suppliers of electronic components on the Polish market will be at your disposal at the Evertiq Expo Kraków in October.
At the fairs, which we cordially invite you today, we will be presenting the products of our leading suppliers.

We will be at your disposal from 9:00 to 16:00 at stand no. 73!

Place: Best Western Premier Kraków Hotel
Free registration:

See you at the event!
New DC-DC converters from Cincon

We are pleased to inform you that Cincon releases new series of DC-DC converters

CHB300-300S series is an industry standard half-brick DC-DC converter, providing up to 300W of outputpower @ single output voltages of 5, 12, 24, 28, 48VDC. It has a high input voltage range of 180 to 425VDC (300VDC nominal) and reinforced with a 3000VAC isolation. High efficiency up to 90%, allowing case operating temperature range of –40°C to 100°C.

The CHB300-300S DC-DC Converter Features:

CHB300W-110S series of DC-DC converters offers 300 watts of output power @ single output voltages of 5, 12, 24, 28, 48VDC with industry standard half-brick. It has a wide (4:1) input voltagerange of 43 to 160VDC (110VDC nominal) and 3000VDC basic isolation. Compliant with EN50155, EN45545, EN50121-3-2. High efficiency up to 91%, allowing case operating temperature range of –40°C to 100°C.

CHB300W-110S DC-DC Converter Features:

CQB150-300S series is an industry standard quarter-brick DC-DC converter, providing up to 150W of output power @ single output voltages of 5, 12, 15,24, 28, 48VDC. It has a high input voltage range of 180 to 425VDC (300VDC nominal) and reinforced with a 3000VAC isolation. High efficiency up to 89%, allowing case operating temperature range of –40°C to 105°C

CQB150-300S DC-DC Converter Features:

NewPart number and MOQ in Jamicon


At the beginning of June, Jamicon introduce a new code systemforthe whole capacitors series.
The new P/N will have 18 characters instead of 13. For Example:

Old P/N: CKM152M0JG10W
New P/N: VCK158M6R3S0ANH03L

How to correctly decode new P/N  check here

The old P/N are still valid until end of May 2018.

Together with this change, MPQ and MOQ for most ofJamiconcapacitors will be also changed.

Informative Obligation - Implementation of the GDPR Provisions

Dear Sirs,

On 25th of May 2018 regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council (EU) on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46/WE, known as RODO will atake effect.
Due to above we are pleased to inform you about your rights and rules of personal data processing by Ropla Elektronik sp. z o.o. in connection with this case. We want you to have complete knowledge and thus full comfort of using Ropla Elektronik services and systems. Therefore, before you start using our website and platform, we ask you to read the following information.
We would like to ensure you that we care about your privacy and do not overuse our rights in any way. Your personal data is safe with us, and you can withdraw your consent to collect and process it at any time, in accordance with the provisions of the following "Information about the protection of personal data".

Information about the protection of personal data
Ropla Elektronik sp. z o.o. with registered office in Suchy Dwór, ul. Wrocławska 1c, as the administrator of personal data, collects your personal data obtained during the conclusion of the contract with you and during its term ("Personal Data"), in particular:
1. Name and surname, e-mail address, contact address, company name, phone numer, position;
2. In the case of entrepreneurs, we also process: VAT number, registered company address, bank account number.

We collect your personal data for following purposes:
1. Conclusion and implementation of the contract between our companies and provision of services for you, including in particular shipment of ordered goods, payment processing and handling complaints;
2. Fulfillment of our Company responsibilities provided for by law, including in particular issuing and storing invoices and accounting documents, as well as archiving purposes;
3. Protection of our Company rights in accordance to the law, including in particular the investigation of overdue payments within the debt collection process and trials;
4. Verification of payment credibility and creditworthiness during the proces of granting a credit limit (Euler Hermes) as well as to secure payment due to our Company, legitimate interest of our Company within the meaning of the provisions of personal data protection;
5. Conduction of marketing activities and sending commercial information in case your agreement on separate consents.

Ropla Elektronik sp. z o.o. in order to proper implementation of services may transfer your personal information to the following third parties for the purposes indicated in this document:
1. Entities with which our Company has a signed cooperation agreement ("Processing Data") to implement the contract that connects us, fulfill the obligations of our Company provided by law, protect the rights of our Company in accordance with the law and implement the legitimate interest of our company in the meaning of personal data protection law; in particular, our Company may transfer your Personal Data to entities such as: banks, debt collection companies, entities providing accounting services, companies providing postal and courier services, companies with whom we cooperate in order to provide services. Such entities will be obligated under the contracts concluded with our Company to apply appropriate security, technical and organizational measures to protect Personal Data and process it only in accordance with the instructions provided by our Company;
2. Regulatory authorities, authorities and other third parties. Where it is necessary to achieve the goals set out above and to fulfill the obligations imposed by law. Personal data may be transferred to supervisory authorities, courts and other authorities (eg. tax and law enforcement authorities), independent external advisers (eg. auditors) or entities providing benefits.

Ropla Elektronik Company commits to apply appropriate security measures, both technical and organizational, to protect your personal data. It will be stored by our Company and/or Data Processors only for the time necessary to achieve the purposes for which this data is collected, the performance of obligations under the law, for the maximum period of securing the materials necessary for legal proceedings (including tax) and until the claims of you and our Company have expired.
You have rights regarding the protection of Personal Data. In accordance with the applicable data protection law, you are entitled to submit a complaint to the competent supervisory authority (ie to the President of the Office for Personal Data Protection or the successor body).
You have the right to:
1. Access your personal data, rectify, delete, update or limit processing.
2. Oppose the further processing of personal data.
3. Take advantage of the right to withdraw your consent (it does not affect the processing that took place until the withdrawal of consent) and from 25/05/2018 you will have:
- the right to lodging a complaint
- the right to "be forgotten"
- the right to transfer data

Ropla Elektronik at the TEC conference in Warsaw on May 17, 2018

We are pleased to inform you that Ropla Elektronik, as in the previous year, will be the exhibitor at TEC - the most interesting event in the electronics industry.
At the event, which we cordially invite you today, we will be presenting the products of our leading suppliers.
We will be at your disposal from 9:00 to 16:00 at stand no. 38!

Place: Hotel Double Tree By Hilton, Warsaw

Free registration:


See you at the event!
Ropla Elektronik has become an authorised distributor of German battery manufacturer - Auditas

We are pleased to inform you that Ropla Elektronik has become an authorised distributor of the German manufacturer of hearing battery - Auditas.

Being able to hear reliably doesn't have to remain a dream for hearing aid users. With powerful hearing aid batteries from auditas, you'll never miss a thing. With no loss of quality, hear life going on around you with auditas!

Signing the aforementioned agreement constitutes another milestone owing to which we will be able to provide buyers top quality products.

Happy Easter

We wish You moments full of joy, peace and happiness on the upcoming Easter time. We wish You also a great success with all your plans and the career.

Wish You
Ropla Elektronik

NEO - New series of supercapacitors from VINATech


Many years of experience in the field as well as years of research have allowed us to completely eliminate the problem of capacitor wetting.

Origin of the problem

The wetting phenomenon in radial EDLC capacitors has been observed during capacitor operation in extreme conditions. Namely, at higher temperatures than the recommended 65 degrees C and in areas characterised by high humidity.
The effect of EDLC wetting is the leak of a black, viscous substance on the negative pin. This is an alkaline substance that is highly corrodible which, with the passing of time, can lead to device malfunction with the simultaneous continued operation of the capacitor.

It has turned out that the problem discussed above most frequently occurs in the following applications:
- Navigation systems
- Electric drive vehicles and hybrid vehicles
- Power supply of memory chips

VINATech has decided to take a closer look at this problem, and following its identification to find an efficient solution thereto.
Engineers from VINATech have been able to prove that the problem occurs as a result of a chemical reaction inside the capacitor when water reaches the electrode and electrolyte. This effect has not been observed in snap-in EDLC capacitors.

How did the competition „solve” this problem?

A very frequent solution used by the competition is the application of additional epoxy resin, an improved rubber plug, which merely causes a delay in the occurrence of the wetting phenomenon. Some manufacturers suggest increasing the number of capacitors. One can also come across the information that this is a natural process and the customer ought to take it into consideration when planning the use of capacitor.

How to prevent this in an effective way?

Vinatech has improved the process of sealing (also in the VEC series) and modified the internal construction of the capacitor in such a manner so as to prevent an unexpected chemical reaction during operation at maximum temperatures and in conditions of high ambient humidity. The capacitors have been subjected to uninterrupted operation for a period of 12 months - no problem pertaining to wetting has been observed during this time.
New NBL series from Samyoung
Dear Sirs,

We present you with a new series of capacitors of a highly regarded manufacturer - SamYoung Electronics. This is a new series of NBL electrolytic capacitors, popularly referred to as the ”pencil” (it is characterised by a long and at the same time thin type of casing). The new NBL series is a developed version of the previous NBC series. These capacitors are characterised by a very long operation time which amounts to 20,000 hrs (12,000 hrs in case of NBC) at the temperature of 105°C, capacity ranging from 3.3µF (1.0µF in case of NBC) up to 470µF and voltage ranging from 160V – 500V.

Owing to their specification, these capacitors are most frequently used in:
- switching power supplies for emergency power supply (they operate without any breaks),
- lighting solutions (huge difference of temperatures),
- sealant-immersed converters,
- general power supply in difficult conditions.

Owing to their overall size they are applied in low profile equipment and devices, since they operate in a horizontal position, e.g. in power feeders intended for lighting (sealant-immersed) or in PFC controllers.

Both series continue to be manufactured and therefore our customers have the possibility to tailor a capacitor to their own needs.

You can find the new series of NBL capacitors on our website

Should you have any questions please  contact our sales department directly at the following phone number +48 (71) 369 87 00

Precise lead cutting in capacitors now available!

Dear Sirs,

To meet your expectations we have expanded our offer for the possibility of precise lead cutting in all capacitors from our range.
We are able to cut the leads for all capacitors packed in bulk and on tape with an accuracy of +/- 0.2mm.
Cutting leads is arranged by a special order from customer and a lead time of this process depends on the type and amount of ordered cutting (usually several working days).

We hope that our proposed solution meets your expectations and contribute to even more successful cooperation.

Ropla Elektronik wish You a Merry Christmas

To all our esteemed Customers, Contractors and Friends we wish a Christmas full of love, joy and peace. May this coming New Year bring you a spark of good fortune needed to complete all your endeavors successfully.
Ropla Elektronik warehouse inventory 27-29.12.2017

Dear Sirs,

We are going to have an inventory in our warehouse on 27-29.12.2017.
It will not be possible to fulfill your order in above period.

We apologize for inconveniences.
Ropla Team
Ropla Elektronik has become an authorised distributor of the Taiwanese manufacturer of ceramic capacitors and SMD resistors - Prosperity Dielectrics Co., Ltd.

We are pleased to inform you that Ropla Elektronik has become an authorised distributor of the Taiwanese manufacturer Prosperity Dielectrics Co., Ltd.

The PDC company was established in 1990 in the city of Nantou and since the beginning of its operations it has been involved in the production of ceramic SMD capacitors. The company initial capital amounted to USD 62 million. At present the PDC company employs 1,264 employees. In 1995 the manufacturer implemented a new production line and the manufacturer’s offer has been extended with SMD capacitors. In the same year PDC, as the first company in Taiwan, commenced the production of the powder for manufacturing SMD ceramic capacitors, and as at today it ranks second in the world with respect to the volume of production and third when it comes to the share in the global market, being the supplier of the largest manufacturers of MLCC worldwide. The production takes place in four factories, of which two are located in Taiwan in the cities of Taoyuan and Yangmei, whereas two others in China in Yongzhou and Wujiang.

PDC concentrates its attention on niche markets. It places considerable emphasis on manufacturing MLCC with safety certificates (the FK-FH series), on medium voltage (the FM series), on high voltage of up to 4kV (the FV and FP series), on high capacitance of up to 220uF (the FS series), as well as the MLCC Ultra High Q and Low ESR – ceramic high precision capacitors with low impedance (the RF series). Of course, in the company offer you will also find the standard FN series of the voltage of up to 50V. Upon special, customer-tailored order, the PDC company has a possibility to manufacture MLCC of up to 330uF or 10kV.

Amongst the capacitor series offered by PDC one ought to pay attention to the high precision capacitors which could be used in medical and military applications (the FAF series), high-power capacitors (the FPF series), as well as capacitors characterised by resistance of less than 1Ω (the FMF and FBF series). The FCF series is the standard series offered by the manufacturer.

The PDC company is the first Asian manufacturer that has been awarded the SEMKO certificate. Since 2003 the company has been awarded the ISO 9001 certificate, since 2004 the TS16949, ISO 14000 and OHSAS 18000 certificates, and as of 2008 the IECQ QC080000 certificate. As the exclusive company from Taiwan, it has been successful in joining the supply chain with respect to the powder for manufacturing MLCC for the Japanese market. In 2005 PDC became a member of the Passive System Alliance (PSA) group, of which the Walsin Technology company, among others, is also a member.

Ropla Elektronik has become an authorised distributor of the Korean manufacturer SamYoung Electronics Co., Ltd.

We wish to inform you that on 25th November 2016 Ropla Elektronik became an authorised distributor of the Korean company SamYoung Electronics Co., Ltd. The SamYoung company has been in operation since 1968 and currently it is the largest manufacturer of electrolytic capacitors in South Korea. The wide range of products of the company includes polymer capacitors for SMD and THT mounting, electrolytic capacitors SMD for voltage of up to 450V and capacitance of up to 6,800µF, load life time of up to 10,000 hours and operating temperature of up to 150°C. Apart from the standard series of general purpose capacitors the manufacturer offers a wide range of capacitors of the Low Impedance and Long Life type. One of the strengths of the company is the production of capacitors with terminals of the snap-in type for voltage of up to 500V, load life time of up to 7,000 hours and operating temperature of up to 125°C, as well as the production of large capacitors with screw terminals of the load life time of up to 20,000 hours and operating voltage of up to 600V.

These capacitors are characterised with superior quality and operational reliability. Many series of capacitors manufactured by SamYoung are the equivalents of the series of known Japanese manufacturers of electrolytic capacitors. The production takes place in four plants which are ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO/TS16949 certified. The SamYoung company is also the owner of 25 patents, including the method of manufacturing foil for capacitors, it had elaborated as the first company in South Korea. The foil is used for in-house purposes, however, it is also used by Japanese manufacturers of electrolytic capacitors. More information about the products and SamYoung is available on the manufacturer’s website at and on our website in the Stock tab.

We invite you to become acquainted with our offer for capacitors which shall be extended with other series in the nearest future.

Ropla Elektronik is expanding the distribution network of products manufactured by a Japanese company Okaya Electric.
We are extremely pleased to inform you that the hitherto fruitful cooperation between Ropla Elektronik and the Japanese manufacturer Okaya Electric has been expanded as of 1st June 2016.
As an authorised distributor Ropla Elektronik will represent Okaya in the following countries:
- Hungary
- Russia
- Ukraine
- Austria
- Bulgaria
- Romania
- Belarus
The expansion of the distribution network of products manufactured by Okaya to other countries, is the consequence of the two companies having cooperated for more than 8 years now. We believe that the top quality capacitors and protection devices manufactured by Okaya will gain at least the same trust and popularity in the new markets as they enjoy in Poland.
We invite you to become acquainted with the profile and the offer of Okaya Electric Industries Co., Ltd.

Ropla Elektronik becomes a distributor of a Polish company Regulus

We are pleased to inform you that we have concluded a distribution agreement with a Polish company Regulus.
Ropla Elektronik will represent this manufacturer in Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Russia.
Regulus is a leader in the industries of industrial automation, power system automation and computer-based measurement and control systems.
Thousands of devices used and operating on the territory of Poland constitute the best guarantee of quality and reliability of Regulus.
The Polish manufacturer and the Polish technological thought translate into quality and innovation, with respect to which Regulus creates trends and raises the level of standards for the competition.
Signing the aforementioned agreement constitutes another milestone owing to which we will be able to provide buyers in Eastern Europe with top quality products.

Ropla Elektronik becomes a distributor of the Legrand Group in Azerbaijan.
We are pleased to inform you that we have concluded another distribution agreement with a French company Legrand.
Ropla Elektronik will represent this manufacturer in Azerbaijan.

Legrand Group is a global specialist in electrical and digital infrastructure solutions for the housebuilding industry, commercial construction and industrial building.
It is a leader in the most important global markets - in France, Italy, Spain, Poland, Great Britain, USA, Mexico, Brazil, India, South Korea and Australia.
Legrand employs approximately 33 000 people and holds 20% of shares in the market of electrical installation equipment, as well as 14% of shares in the market of wiring and cabling products distribution.

Signing the aforementioned agreement constitutes another milestone in the history of our company and means continuing active operations of Ropla in the eastern region of Europe.
New distribution in Ropla Elektronik product portfolio. Supercapacitors of the Korean manufacturer VINAtech.

We are pleased to inform you that Ropla Elektronik, in an attempt to satisfy the expectations of our customers, has included capacitors of the Korean manufacturer VINAtech in its wide assortment of passive elements. Supercapacitors manufactured by VINA will be available in our warehouse in the last quarter this year.

You can find information about the products and VINAtech on the manufacturer’s website at and on the Ropla Elektronik/Stock website.

We encourage you to become acquainted with our new product. Should you have any questions, please contact our Sales Department. We will be glad to answer any questions you might have and assist you with selecting the most suitable product. Below you will find a brief description of and the applications of supercapacitors, as well as the history of our new partner VINAtech.

A supercapacitor is a type of an electrolytic capacitor having a specific construction which is characterised by an unusually large electric capacity (within the range of several thousand of farads), in comparison to classical electrolytic capacitors having a large capacity, but with a working voltage of 2–3 V. The biggest advantage of supercapacitors is a very short time of charging and discharging in comparison with other devices intended for storing energy (e.g. accumulators).

In our product portfolio you will find the following types of supercapacitors:
- P-EDLC rated 2.3 V
- EDLC operating at a voltage of 2.5 V 2.7 V and 3.0 V

The P-EDLC supercapacitors, also termed hybrid capacitors, have an extremely large electric capacity (twice as bigger as EDLC capacitors). They are characterised by a large number of charge and discharge cycles (even more than 100 000 cycles).

Mainly in low-current applications connected with lighting, in which the power supply has to be maintained for a longer period of time (7-8 hours).
- evacuation lighting
- solar systems
- light markings on roads

The EDLC supercapacitors have the ability to store a considerable quantity of energy. Their biggest advantage is a very short time of charging and discharging in comparison with other devices intended for storing energy (e.g. accumulators). They are also characterised by a large number of cycles (even more than 500 000 cycles).

- electric energy meters
- power supply for memory chips
- telecommunication systems
- engine control systems
- electric drive and hybrid vehicles
- navigation systems
- medical and dental equipment

The Korean company VINATech co., Ltd. was established in 1999 in South Korea, and initially focused on products related to lighting. In 2003 a Research and Development centre was established, the exclusive objective and mission of which was to develop and work on supercapacitors. One year later in 2004 VINAtech launched a mass production of these capacitors, and as it turns out, this was the milestone in the history of this company. In 2010 as the first manufacturer in the world, VINA developed and introduced supercapacitors working at the voltage of 3.0 V into mass production. In 2011 a new factory in JeonJu City was erected, the manufacturing capacity of which amounts to 2.5 million of capacitors per month.

At present VINAtech Co., Ltd. Employs approximately 130 people, with 22 people being the employees of the Research and Development Department. The objective and the mission of the company for 2016 is just one - to be the best supplier of supercapacitors in the world.

Ropla Elektronik and Cincon Electronics are supporting a project undertaken by students from Łódź.

Ropla Elektronik would like to inform you about establishing co-operation with the Solar Team. Solar Team is a group of students from the Łódź University of Technology, whose aim is to participate in the international World Solar Challenge race ( Preparations for the start consist in designing and developing a vehicle powered by electric energy generated from sun rays.

Ropla Elektronik with the support of our good partner - Cincon Electronics, the manufacturer of converters - supplied several high power converters of the CQB150W and CHB150 series, free of charge. Both series, apart from their broad applications in electronics, perform particularly well in all projects pertaining to making use of the power originating from the energy of solar radiation.

You can find more details on the project on the team's official website: and on their official profile at:
We also encourage you to visit the website of our supplier of converters Cincon Electronics at

Opening of new Ropla Elektronik headquarters.

A ceremonial opening of the new Ropla Elektronik headquarters has taken place in Suchy Dwór ( near Wrocław). The symbolic ribbon cutting was performed by the founders of our company: brothers Aleksander Brezwan, Andrzej Brezwan and Waldemar Brezwan.

The ceremony was attended by:
Żórawina Commune Head – Jan Żukowski,
representatives of the general contractor Castellum company,
representatives of the branch offices of our company from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and Azerbaijan,
business partners from all over Europe,
and first and foremost the employees, friends and the family of Ropla Elektronik.

Priest Janusz Michalewski consecrated the building and the interiors of our new headquarters.

The new office of Ropla Elektronik is a milestone on the way, the purpose of which is for our company to reach the position of the leading distributor of electronic components in Poland, and constitutes an impulse for further development.
The new building will improve the comfort of work, increase productivity and the safety of work. Apart from office premises, our new headquarters include a modern warehouse of the area of 691 m2. Half of the warehouse is a two storey facility, which increases the total area of the warehouse by 50%.
The new investment by Ropla Elektronik is a necessary step in order to ensure efficient customer service, to reduce lead times and to make it possible to expand the product portfolio, simultaneously ensuring its increased availability.

The ceremony took place on 15th May 2015, less than 9 months after the cornerstone had been laid for the construction of our new headquarters.

Ropla Elektronik is expanding the distribution of products manufactured by Murrplastik to Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan.

We are pleased to inform you that on 17th April 2015 we concluded another distribution agreement with a German company Murrplastik.
Ropla Elektronik will represent this manufacturer in Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan.

Murrplastik Systemtechnik with the registered office in the German Oppenweiler is involved in the production of signs and labels, cable ducts, sleeve pipes and cable off-takes and chain slides of conduits.
It has been in operation on the market since 1976 and is one of the largest manufacturers of this type of products in the world.

We would like to remind you that hitherto we have been the distributor of Murrplastik in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine.
The expansion of our co-operation to the two aforementioned countries is the consequence of the intense activities of Ropla in the Eastern region of Europe.

Cornerstone for the construction of office and warehouse of Ropla Elektronik Sp. z o.o.

At noon on August 19th at the construction site on Wrocławska Str. in Suchy Dwór the ceremony for the laying of the cornerstone for the new offices and warehouse of our company was held. The investment worth about 1.2 million USD includes the construction of a building with home furnishings, land and the construction of an access road. The date of completion for the investment carried out by the general contractor company Castellum Sp. of o.o is scheduled for the end of February 2015. The investment is another step in the continuing development of the company, Ropla Elektronik. The decision to commission a new building was taken by the co-owners of the company at the end of 2013. "This investment is a major challenge and a major milestone in the development of our family" - stated the CEO Waldemar Brezwan during the celebration.

The foundation stone laying ceremony was attended by:
Representatives of the Brezwan family, the investor
Mayor of Żórawina - John Zukowski
Lead Designer - Mariusz Sobczak
The representative of the general contractor - Vice President Christopher Terk
Inspector - Wojciech Szymankiewicz
Project Manager - Janusz Zurawski
Act and foundations devoted by Priest Janusz Michalewski

The new building will increase comfort, productivity and work safety. The new investment by the company Ropla Elektronik is necessary to ensure efficient customer service, shorten lead times and allow further development of the product offering with increased availability.

Ropla Elektronik new distributor of polish company TM TECHNOLOGIE

We are pleased to announce that Ropla Elektronik signed distribution agreement with TM TECHNOLOGIE, which is one of the leading Polish manufacturers of emergency and evacuation lighting and electronic equipment for lighting.

TM TECHNOLOGIE was founded on 2002 and doesn’t limit its activities only to the Polish territory. The products are exported to countries around the world, and Ropla Elektronik will endeavor to enlarge the list of foreign buyers in the territory of Azerbaijan, Georgia and Kazakhstan.

After agreement Ropla Elektronik extended its offer with the following items:
- Fittings - Emergency and evacuation lighting fittings,
- Modules - Emergency lighting kits,
- DATA systems - systems for monitoring emergency lighting and evacuation,
- Central battery system.

All products comply with applicable standards and have the necessary certificates (ENEC, GOST).

TM TECHNOLOGIE places particular emphasis on modernity and development, therefore offers innovative products, which from years set new standards in lighting techniques.
In production process they always using the latest technologies.
TM TECHNOLOGIE has also certificates of ISO9001: 2008, ISO14001: 2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2013 


New distribution in Ropla Elektronik. Discrete components available in Ropla's product range

We are pleased to announce that Ropla Elektronik has signed a distribution agreement with Taiwanese manufacturer HY Electronic Corporation, specializing in produce of diodes and bridge rectifiers.
Ropla Elektronik which has been specializing so far mainly in the distribution of passive components, batteries and DC / DC converters, meets the expectations of customers and thus extends the range of products offered for discrete components.
Besides diodes and bridge rectifier, HY also produces and offers following products:
- transil protection diodes
- Schottky diodes
- switching diodes.
- FRED diodes
- power MOSFET
Products of HY company  are widely used in fields such as telecommunications, automotive, LED lighting, solar systems, computer hardware. HY Electronic Company has been certified ISO9001 / ISO14001/TS16949 and all of its products comply with RoHS directive.
The HY Electronic company was founded in 1984 in Taiwan as a design office with own manufacturing division. At this moment production takes place in two plants in China, which are employing 1000 people. Sales revenues for 2011 reached $ 75 million. HY Electronic supplies its products for such major companies as Flextronics, Philips, Osram, Toshiba, Yamaha, Hitachi, Cincon, Hyundai, Diotec, Vishay and many more. Thanks to UL certification, goods are delivered to the U.S. market as well.
Information about products and HY Electronic Company you can easily find on website
Ropla Elektronik has signed contract with AECOM

We would like to inform you that Ropla Elektronik has signed contract with AECOM, present on the market since 1990. AECOM headquarter is in Los Angeles, and has offices around the world in more than 40 cities in North America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Australia and New Zealand, where it employs about 45 000 employees.

The AECOM company is a global leader in all of the key markets which support and where provides professional services in architecture, building engineering, construction, design and planning, economics, energy, mining, transportation and many other areas of business. In the previous year's AECOM income was $ 8.2 billion.

Ropla Elektronik won the tender in Kazakhstan and signed a contract under which will provide EATON products (manufacturer of the highest quality systems, low-voltage electrical distribution, industrial control and signaling equipment, switchgear, protection and installation), design, assemble and install low-voltage power panels.
Ropla Elektronik new distributor of polish company DTM System

We would like to inform that on 06.05.2012 Ropla Elektronik Sp. o.o. signed distribution agreement with polish company DTM System, which designs and manufactures electronic devices. For almost twenty years, DTM company successfully works in the field gate automation, telecommunications, remote control alarm systems and access control systems in car parks. After agreement Ropla Elektronik extended its offer with the following items:
- remote control receivers (radio slot cards and radio receivers with single, double and four channels)
- remote control transmitters
- automatic gate drivers (drivers for single, double swing gates and sliding gates)
- accessories for automatic gates (photocells and flashing lights)
- operators for sliding and swing gates
- gate kits
All products are compatible with current standards and have necessary certificates.
DTM products are entirely designed and manufactured in Poland, which shows that Poland technology can easily compete with foreign one.
Pilkor the world leader for the manufacture of capacitors offers a new line of polypropylene film capacitors in the high-energy category of series PCPW245 (DC Link Capacitors).

This line of capacitors represents the next stage of development in technologies for the manufacture of pulse polypropylene capacitors. At the small sizes to 35х50х57mm these capacitors can save up to 24 joules of energy and have a current of the category to 1400А.
Listed below are the distinctive features of this new capacitor series:
- capacity from 1,5 to 100µF,
- working voltage in peak 1375V,
- a capacity Maximum deviation +-5%, 10%,
- low inductance (5 - 20nH),
- high pulse capacity,
- high speed of increase of pressure (14-100V/µs),
- low impedance (2,7 - 9,3mΩ),
- high stability of parameters,
- high degree of self-restoration,
- long service life (not less than 100 000 hours at t=70°C),
- wide range of working temperatures (-40 + 105°C),
- four contacts allow the use of the capacitors in higher vibration  environments.

These higher specification capacitors can be used in applications such as:
- resonant inverters of large capacity (to 50kW at frequency to  200kHz),
- to the welding technics,
- quality linear capacitors where an instant increase of energy (industrial electronics, telecommunication, the motor industry, power  saving up and renewed energy sources) is required,
- sources of accumulation of energy in the category of pulse lamps including laser, where capacitors must have a long service life and  consistency of physical parameters,
- drives of electric motors.
Capacitors with similar parameters are offered by firm Epcos of series B3277.
Changes in Portfolio

We wish to inform our customers that since 15th July distribution agreement between Ropla Elektronik and Murata Power Solutions (Ex. C&D, Datel) has been terminated. Of course it doesn’t mean we won’t be active on power market anymore. This is still one of our focus markets and we will be proud to offer customers Cincon and UMEC converters. We are also working to introduce another vendors soon.
New offer for ceramic capacitors

Ropla Electronic has sign distribution deal with another supplier of ceramic capacitors, Dongil Electronic Co. Now we are able to offer even wider range of all kinds trough hole solutions:
- safety standard recognized AC ceramic capacitors
- DC high voltage ceramic capacitors
- class I, II and III general purpose capacitors

Dongil is one of leading Korean manufacturers of this kind components. High quality and reliability of this products is confirmed by long-term cooperation with customers like LG, Samsung, Toshiba or Hyundai

We herby invite you to learn more about new products in our   offer.

New Authorized Distribution Agreement

We are pleased to inform about new distribution agreement Ropla has sign with Cooltron Industrial Supply, Inc. This American company has been focus on major products of DC brushless fans and blowers, AC fans and blowers, and fan accessories.

Cooltron offers wide range of forced air cooling devices with following features:
- size: 20 – 254 mm
- thickness: 5 – 89 mm
- supply voltage: 5, 12, 24, 48, 56VDC oraz 110, 220VAC
- bearing: sleeve, ball, hybrid
- lead type: wire lead, terminal
- IP rating: IP22, IP43, IP44, IP54, IP55
- others: auto-restart, alarm, thermistor, tachometer, PWM

Moreover Cooltron offers accessories like plastic and metal guards, plastic and aluminum filters and power cords suitable for all kinds of Cooltron fans.

We hereby invite you to learn more about new products. [catalogue]
RTC 6 – small footprint Ni-MH rechargeable cells

Varta Microbattery has introduced new line of Ni-MH cells called RTC 6. New solution is created for supplying new generation of Real Time Clock chip solutions for small and ultra small mobile computing applications. RTC 6 cells are specially featured for high capacity at low discharge currents. The low self-discharge and high deep-discharge stability of the cell fulfils the demand for extensive shelf live specially for hi-tech consumer products.

Further potential applications are:
- Navigation
- Smart phones
- Digital cameras
- Netbooks

Thanks to use new RTC 6 customer gains small, light, and reliable RTC backup rechargeable solution. In compare with commonly used CR2032 RTC 6 footprint is almost 9 times smaller and is equal 36mm², and thickness is equal to the height of  SMD semiconductor components.

If you wish to learn more about RTC 6 series please download datasheet and application note.
World's first 3Watt DC/DC converter in SIP-7 package

With introduce new MEV3 series Murata Power Solution becomes sole world's DC/DC manufacturer which is able to put 3watt converter into SIP-7 package designed for 1watt, and 2watt solutions.

MEV3 series of isolated single output DC/DC converters achieve industry leading power density, efficiency and regulation. Devices offer 3W of available output power in a previously rated 2W package to give designers potential board space savings of up to 68% to compare with traditional DIP-24 package most commonly used in case of 3W converters. Power density is 111% higher!

Main features of MEV3 are:
• Power density of 1.9W/cm³
• Choice of 5V or 12V input voltages, 5V, 9V, 12V or 15V output voltages
• Industry standard pinout and package with no external components or heatsink required
• Typical efficiency of 83%
• Galvanic isolation of 3kVDC

Learn more from MEV3 datasheet.
New DIP24 industry standard footprint 6W DC/DC Converters

Murata Power Solutions has introduced a new range of isolated 6W, DC/DC Converters suited for use in a wide range of applications including telecommunications, battery powered systems, process control and distributed power systems.
The NDS6 series offers single and dual output voltages from an input voltage range of 18-36V. The NCS6 Series is available with input voltage ranges of 9-36V (12V nominal) and 18-75V (48V nominal) both with under voltage lock out with single output voltage.
The new modules are housed in industry-standard DIP24 packages that allow them to be used as drop-in replacements in existing designs.
A metal case helps the new DC/DC Converters achieve high levels of EMI shielding and the
encapsulated design gives excellent thermal performance. Low noise performance and a design that overcomes the need for electrolytic capacitors helps to further simplify their inclusion in customer designs.

Learn more about new products by downloading datasheets:
High capacity X2 noise suppression capacitors

Pilkor Co. increased range of X2 noise suppression capacitors PCX2 339 series releasing 4.7uF (+/- 20%)  version. Thanks to high rated voltage 305Vac and wide temperature range -55°C - 100°C capacitor is suitable to be used in noise suppression circuits of both standards and specific applications.
Capacitor is encapsulated in 21 x 31 x 31mm box qualified in accordance with UL94V-0 norm, with 27.5mm pitch.

Magnetic selection guide – Murata Power Solution

We are pleased to announce that Murata Power Solutions’ new selection guide for expanded Magnetics offering is now available. Including over 400 new part numbers, magnetics product range has grown significantly in the past year. With easy to use selection charts, helping you identify the right product, the selection guide is an essential tool for every electronics engineer involved in power system design.

Two essential elements of the vast majority of power electronics applications are filtering and isolation. Whether you need to reduce noise or protect vital components, Murata Power Solutions can offer a wide range of products to suit your requirements.

With an emphasis on miniaturization, reliability and ease of handling,  designs are available in a variety of styles including bobbin, radial, axial and surface-mount:
• Inductors
• Pulse transformers
• Common-mode chokes
• Current sensing transformers
• Databus isolators
• Agency approved transformers
• Reference designs
• Custom designs

We hereby invite you to learn more about new products. [catalogue]

If you wish to receive printed version of this or any other Murata-PS catalogue, please contact Ropla team.
„Mercury Free Hg 0%” – Silver Oxide Button Cells

Varta Microbattery has introduced the latest product overview . The most significant change is release „Mercury Free Hg 0%” silver-oxide cells.

The Silver Oxide batteries advantages are long-life, high energy density/weight ratio, and flat discharge curve. The most common application they can be used are watches, calculators, toys, remote controllers, etc. Because of reliability and performance they are recommended to use in small medical devices as well.

One of reasons why silver-oxide batteries was not so popular was their harmfulness. Until recently all silver oxide batteries contained mercury, which was hazardous in case of leakage and it needed to be properly handled and recycled by an authorized recycler. Thanks to terminated mercury new silver-oxide batteries from Varta are save and efficiency energy source

Jamicon’s two-way rotation fans

The Kaimei Electronic has introduced two fans which can work in both directions.
First of them is JF1225B1HT - 120x120x25mm fan with double-ball bearing, supplied by 12Vdc rated voltage. Change of direction is made by switching supplying voltage between red and yellow wire.

Main features are as follows:

Clockwise Counter-clockwise
Start Voltage 6 V
7 V
2400 RPM
2100 RPM
Input Current
0.24 A
0.14 A
Input power
2.88 W
1.68 W
Air Flow
79.55 CFM
55.50 CFM
Static Pressure
0.194 inchH2O
0.104 inchH2O
40.2 dBA
42.5 dBA
Life Expectancy
70000 Hours
Feature Option

Another one is AC fan 172z150x51mm dimension . Wiring figure looks as follows:

Main features are:

Clockwise Counter-clockwise
Frequency 50 Hz
60 Hz
50 Hz
60 Hz
2700 RPM
3100 RPM
2800 RPM
3300 RPM
Input Current
0.20 A
0.22 A
Input Power
36 W
44 W
Air Flow
228 CFM
267 CFM
179 CFM
215 CFM
Static Pressure
0.570 inchH2O
0.630 inchH2O 0.470 inchH2O 0.560 inchH2O
52.8 dBA
55.8 dBA
58.3 dBA
63.0 dBA
Life Expectancy
L10 Life 70000 Hours at 40 Degree C

It is easy do note that both fans have very similar parameters no matter which direction they works. In case of working in counter-clockwise direction fan is able to generate smaller air-flow and static pressure, but difference is compare to clockwise direction is not big.
This kind of fans can be used in applications like solar power systems or domestic appliance devices.
„Okami™” – The new breed of DC/DCs

Murata Power Solutions has introduced the first three models in its new Okami™ range of miniature non-isolated single output point-of-load (PoL) DC/DC converters. The new modules represent the latest innovation from Murata Power Solutions, further strengthening its position as the world’s number one supplier in the board mounted power sector.

The OKY-T/3-D12P-C, OKY-T/3-D12N-C and OKY-T/5-D12N-C provide designers of equipment requiring high efficiency PoL power with compact and reliable solutions that deliver respective output currents of 3A and 5A. The modules can act as a drop-in replacement for other DOSA-compliant parts or be used as a cost-competitive alternative to discrete designs where reduced component count and shorter time-to-market are required.

Housed in an industry-standard Distributed-Power Open Standards Alliance (DOSA) surface-mount package, the Okami OKY-T/3-D12P-C, OKY-T/3- D12N-C and OKY-T/5-D12N-C have a wide input voltage range of 8.3VDC to 14VDC (nominal 12VDC) and can be used with high capacitance loads of up to 1000μF. This makes the modules ideal for powering the latest generation of FPGAs and DSPs that require tight output load regulation. The modules have an operating temperature range of -40°C to +85°C.

Fabricated on a 20.8mm (0.82in.) x 12mm (0.47in.) surface mount module and using fixed-frequency buck switching topology, the OKY-T/3 and OKY-T/5 offer narrow line/load regulation and achieve high efficiency levels of up to 93% (3.3Vout/5A) with no heatsink and no extra components. The design also results in very low heat and minimal electrical noise.

All of the new models provide a user selectable output (via a precision resistor) of 0.75VDC to 5.5VDC and incorporate a remote on/off control. Inputs are protected from undervoltage whilst outputs have short circuit protection plus overcurrent and excess temperature shutdown.

Learn more about Okami™
Download Flyer
Download datasheet
Cost effective battery solution 2/V70HE for next generation of Bluetooth chipsets

Small wireless headsets for consumer markets use today mainly Lithium Polymer rectangular batteries or rechargeable Lithium prismatic cells. VARTA Microbattery’s innovative Ni-MH HE (High Energy) button cell family offers cost effective solutions with 2.4V power supply for next generation chipsets.

The special electrode construction of the Ni-MH High Energy Button Cell V70HE offers more than 50% higher energy than the Standard V40H cell from and is perfectly suitable handling the pulse load of Bluetooth based wireless headsets.

- typical capacity 70 mAh (0.2CA)
- nominal battery voltage 2.4V (cell voltage 1.2 V)
- battery weight around 4 g varying with customized plastic housing design
- wide operating temperature range from -20 to +65°C
- self-discharge less than 40 % after 1year at +20°C
Large 7-seg LED displays

Kouhi is introducing the new product, large LED displays KTM01-KTM10 series, size from 3"-20". Their features are as following:
- High luminance
- Wide viewing angle
- Multi-color on large LED display
- Easy mounting on Print Circuit Board
- Low price

This product can make applications like LED clocks, results and prices tables remarkably easier to implement.

Please check datasheet of red, 410mm high KTM09R as an exemplary solution.
Electronica 2008 premieres – New 1W DC/DC converters MEA & MEV series

Murata Power Solutions has introduced two new series of isolated 1W, DC/DC converters that set new standards for efficiency, miniaturisation and reliability. The single output MEV and dual output MEA series are the new high performance versions of the company’s well established and popular NMV and NMA series.

When originally introduced over 20 years ago, the NMV and NMA series set new standards for 1W DC/DC power conversion. Since then, over 10 million units have been designed into customer products across the world. The new MEA and MEV series build on this reputation to give designers the choice of an enhanced performance version of the current NMV and NMA family.

With efficiency levels from 84%, an improvement of 10% versus the existing products, the MEV and MEA series respond to the current industry emphasis on minimizing power usage. Improved load regulation performance of <5% makes the new DC/DC converters well suited for use in applications where output voltage variation can not be tolerated. The overall load regulation tolerance envelope has been reduced from 17.5% to 9%.


MEV series is ideal for providing local supplies on control system boards with the added benefit of 3kVDC galvanic isolation to reduce switching noise. The MEA series meanwhile has 1kVDC isolation and is excellent for providing dual rail supplies.

Supplied in a UL 94V-0 industry standard pinout SIP 7 package measuring 19.50mm (0.77in.) x 6.0mm (0.236in.) x 10mm (0.394in.) high, the RoHS compliant MEV and MEA series have a power density of 0.85W/cm3. Both ranges offer input voltages of either 5V or 12V; output voltages range from 5V to 15V. The fully encapsulated design uses toroidal magnetics, ceramic substrates and capacitors. No external components are required.

-  download MEA  pdf

- download  MEV pdf

The first choice for the environment: power one Accu plus 

Power one is committed to using environmentally friendly technologies for its rechargeable cell-type batteries and offers a complete range of products for all hearing aids with its p13 accu, p 312 accu, p 10 accu, p 675 accu models and innovative chargers. 

High-performance rechargeable batteries that utilize Ni-MH technology are fast-charging and outclass all others when it comes to delivering utmost reliability and quality. All batteries are made at manufacturing facility in Ellwangen / Germany and undergo rigorous safety and quality inspections. Nano surface coating technology ensure great corrosion resistance, even if batteries are exposed to large quantities of sweat.

The power one Card Charger is a convenient and portable quick-charging system shaped like a credit card that lets you charge one or two rechargeable hearing aid batteries. It can accommodate batteries of sizes p13, p312 or p10 depending on which battery insert adapter is used. The Card Charger itself is powered by a rechargeable lithium-polymer battery and needs no electrical outlet. Depending on their type, discharged cells can be fully charged in only two and a half hours.

Starting in the fall, the power one assortment will include the new power one 675Charger for rechargeable nickel-metal hydride batteries of size 675. Just like the card charger, it can charge 1 or 2 cells within 5 hours. Partially charged batteries are automatically discharged before the recharging process begins. Doing so helps prolong the cells’ life and enhance their power performance.

The worldwide patented pen charger now gives consumers a perfect portable charging system that they can take wherever they go. Awarded the 2006 iF Design Prize, this small and elegant pen charger is powered by 2 microbatteries (AAA) and needs no electrical outlet to charge power one cell-type batteries in the shortest possible time. The power one pen charger is available for hearing aid batteries of types p10 accu, p13 accu and p312 accu.

Learn more about 675Charger

X2 suspension capacitors offer is growing

We are pleased to inform that Pilkor Electronics Company has just released new version of PCX2 339 series X2 capacitors, which will appear on Ropla’s stock soon.


PCX2 339 series capacitors is the highest class made by Pilkor compliant with IEC 60384-14(3rd edition) specification. Main features of PCX2 339 in comparison to the most popular PCX2 337 series are as follows:

We hereby invite to check datasheet of new Pilkor series.

Download the  datasheet
Learn more about Pilkor
New Murata Power Solutions' catalogues

Murata Power Solutions is world’s biggest DC/DC converters manufacturer. They offer covers AC/DC supplies, panel meters, magnetics and data acquisition components as well. Now you can download new versions of Murata-PS catalogues.

     DC/DC converters                                                Digital Panel Meters

  Magnetics products                                                  Data acquisition products

    FPGA Power Guide                                        

Ropla Elektronik is authorized distributor of Murata-PS prized Distributor of the Year FY07 for Eastern Europe award. Furthermore Ropla has status of „Developing Distributor” in Poland.


All of above catalogues you can download from our website or order as printed one when contact with you personal sales assistant.

New OptoSupply ’09 catalogue

Optosupply company which is represented by Ropla at Polish market, is specializing in the manufacturing fallowing types of LED diodes:

Trough Hole LED (Round, Oval, Rectangular),


Super Flux LED

High Power LED

Thanks to wide range of products you can choose best solution depending on your needs in applications like:

■ LED bliboards

Read lights (car, bus, aircraft)

■ Portable (flashlight, bicycle)

■ Traffic signaling / Beacons

In door / Out door Commercial lights


We are pleased to present new Optosupply 2009 product catalogue.

Download catalogue
Learn more about Optosupply
Innovative Jamicon solutions -  PART II

We are really pleased to introduce two further series of electrolytic capacitors  released recently by Jamicon.

TZ series
Low impedance, trough hole type capacitor with extended lifetime and outstanding reliability.
Released to be used in applications like electronic balasts and switching supplies.

Capacitance range: 4,7uF ~ 15 000uF,
Rated voltage range: 6,3V ~ 63V,
Temperature range: -55C ~ 105C,
Life time: 2 000 ~ 5 000h (depending on size).

HX series
Snap-in type capacitor with extender lifetime destined to high rate ripple current applications.

Capacitance range: 39uF ~ 1 500uF,
Rated voltage range: 200V ~ 450V,
Temperature range: -40C ~ 105C,
Life time: 10 000h.

Please check attached datasheet for more details.

Other news from Jamicon
Learn more about company

Ropla Elektronik becomes Yoku Energy Technology Ltd. authorized Distributor 

We are pleased to announce that Ropla Elektronik has signed distribution agreement with Yoku Energy Technology.

Yoku is a high technology company specializing in the manufacturing of lithium polymer cells in range from 50mAh to 50 000mAh, and assembling various battery packs ranging from single cell to 16 cells in series. Daily production capacity over 500 000 peaces makes Yoku one of world’s biggest polymer batteries manufacturer overall and leader in high capacity batteries.

Ropla Elektronik as exclusive distributor of Yoku and Varta Microbattery companies at East-European market is able to fulfill your needs regarding portable power solutions for applications like mobile phones, GPS navigators, Blue-tooth headsets, MP3 players, PDAs, laptop computers, R/C planes, power tools, toys, e-bikes, medical carts, battery-operated cars and many more.

Learn more about Yoku
New catalogues of Varta Microbattery

Varta is a global leader in developing and selling innovative and high performance primary and rechargeable battery systems for the electronic industry. We are pleased to inform that since today you can download updated versions of Varta Microbattery catalogues from our website.

     Product Overview                                        Rechargeable Ni-MH Button Cells

      Rechargeable Lithium PoLiFlex®                 Primary Lithium Cells

You can also order printed version of any of this catalogues. Please contact your sales assistant in Ropla Elektronik.

Get to know more about  Varta Microbattery
Varta solutions for Automotive applications

More and more often our cars are equipped with electronic devices increasing safety and protecting against theft. Two major solutions manufacturers have to pitted with near future will be vehicle tracking and European eCall System.

Vehicle tracking
The introduction of new legislation relation to the fitment of tracking systems on all new vehicles from 2009 in Brazil, will require significant design modification to vehicles and manufacturers. Car theft and vehicle tracking requirements in Brazil and changes to insurance requirements in Belgium, Holland, Sweden, India and North America indicate the trend for extended demand in vehicle tracking

European eCall System
The European commission will implement the automatic emergency call system eCall by the end of 2010. The system provides information about position of the car, damage and allows the injured person to talk to an emergency call centre. Emergency services are informed much in advance before they arrive at the place of accident.

Bartery challenge
The combination of GPS and GSM system and the Reed to have sensor data from various positions inside the car requires an independent and powerful battery that is able to reliably work in the harsh automotive environment over the extender temperature range. Battery must robust to withstand car crash and be steadily available at any time

Varta solution
VARTA Miscrobatterys Ni-MH batteries (powerful85 family) offer rechargeable battery solutions with reliable power for supplying GPS and GSM Module in case of accident or theft. Recommended configurations are 4/V500HT or 5/V500HT depending on temperature and power demand.


 Main features of V500HT cell are:
■  wide temperature range from -20 ~ 85C
■ long lifetime – up to 10 years
■ high reliability – by special saling construction with new plastik materiale
■ high current capability with stacked electrodes
■ design flexibility on voltage level from 1.2V to 12V
■ design flexibility on battery shape side-by-side or stacked
■ simple charging system continuous charging possible
■ UL recognized cell
■ Environmentally friendly Ni-MH technology
Innovative Jamicon solutions - PART I
Kaimei Elektronic Corporation by publishing new catalogue has introduced new series of their electrolytic capacitors. Changes have been made in solid capacitors, SMD capacitors and snap-in capacitors classes.
PH series
Solid, 8mm high, radial type capacitor. Thanks to super low E.S.R and high heat resistance this capacitor is suitable for DC-DC converters, voltage regulators and decoupling applications used for computer motherboards,
Lifetime 2000h at 105C.

CE series
Chip type, 5.4mm high capacitor with low leakage current,
Lifetime 1000h at 105C.

CP series
Chip type, 5.4mm high, bipolar capacitor,
Lifetime 1000h at 105C.

CZ series
Chip type 5.4mm high low ESR capacitor with extended lifetime,
Lifetime 3000h at 105C.

HM series
Snap-in type, low profile capacitor designed for high ripple current applications,
Lifetime 2000h at 105C.

LL series
Snap-in type, long-life capacitor,
Lifetime 5000h at 85C.

List of all available Jamicon products with main features of each of them you can find in attached Jamicon Linecard .

Suppression Film Capacitors Y2 class now available
Ropla Elektronik has been one of the leading distributors of film capacitors in Poland. Since 2005 we are official distributor of Pilkor Co. which is the biggest Korean manufacturer in film capacitor business. Quality of Pilkor components are recognized by biggest world’s brands like Philips TV, Samsung TV, LG TV, Sanyo TV, Toshiba TV, OSRAM, Delta, APC, TYCO, Philips Lighting, Schaffner, Panasonic.

We are pleased to inform that till now big range of Y2 class capacitors are available from Ropla’s stock.

■ Download PCY2 130 datasheet.

We’re giving you the GREEN LIGHT

The OptoSupply company has introduced new solutions of high-intensive LED diodes designed to be used in outdoor applications like traffic lights devices, portable light sources, decorating and architecture lightning

The new series are:

■  OSxxCA5C31A-RS – 5mm round, water clear diode.  Luminous intensity up to 10000mcd with 30º angle. Yellow, red and bluish green colors available,

■  OSxxMA5111A-YZ – 5mm round diode. Luminous intensity up to 30000mcd with  15º angle. Yellow and red colors available,

OSW5SL5111-VW – 5mm round water clear diode. Luminous intensity up to 22000mcd with 15º angle. MTBF 100 000 hours. White color available,

■  OSx5MAZ161D – 3mm Super Flux, water clear diode. Luminous intensity up to 5000mcd with 60º angle. Yellow and red colors available.

All series are prepared to be used in outdoor applications thanks to UV and superior water resistant epoxy.

Please check datasheets of new components.

Novelty in Pilkor's line-card

Pilkor Electronics Corporation has just released a new series of metalized polyester film capacitor called PCMT 369. It is an improved and also promoted version of  PCMT 368.  At this moment both lines will be manufactured simultaneously but it is matter of time when PCMT 368 will  turn  into obsolete part.


Important change comparing to the  PCMT 368  is the capacity range increased to 10uF. In case of PCMT 368 biggest available value is 6,8uF.


Main features of PCMT 369 are:

■ Capacitance range (E12 series): 0.01uF ~ 10uF
■ Capacitance tolerance: +/-5%, +/-10%
■ Rated DC voltage: 100V, 250V, 400V, 630V
■ Climatic category 55/105/56
■ Temperature range -55C ~ +105C


■ Low-inductive wound cell of metalized film.
■ Protected by a hard, water repellent, solvent resistant epoxy lacquer.
■ Coating material qualified in accordance with UL94-0  

As others series named as General Purpose Film Capacitors series PCMT 369 is designed to work in DC current circuits as blocking and coupling components. They are also perfect to use as bypass and energy reservoir capacitors.

download Data Sheet

New Product Families for Button Cells from VARTA Microbattery

In order to find the perfect battery solution for special applications VARTA Microbattery now presents special product families for rechargeable button cells.

Nickel-Metalhydride cells are categorized as follows:
■ V…H robust
■ V…HT robust85C
■ V… HR powerful
■ V…HRT powerful85C

V…H family is destined for applications like memory backup, real time clock and mobile light. It’s main features are discharge current >2C and operating temperature range -20~+60C

V…HT family can be used in industry and automotive electronics thanks to extended operating temperature range to -20 ~+80C

According to high discharge current upped to 5C V…HR family can work with solutions like consumer electronics, health care devices, wireless headsets, headphones

Besides high discharge current V…HRT family offers wide operating temperature range -20 ~+85C and was designed to use in applications like automotive electronics, emergency lights, solar lights, servers and computer systems.

New families are done to highlight the respective advantages for individual applications.

Each of the named families with their specific strengths and characteristics have features collective for all Varta’s Ni-MH batteries as well.

Capacity range:

■    From 6mAh in case of V6HR series to 650mAh in case of V650HRT
■    Sizes range from 6.8mm round cell to 24.2 x 34.1mm oval cell


■    Manufactured on highly automated lines in Germany
■    Direct replacement for Ni-Cd
■    0% lead, 0% mercury, 0% cadmium
■    UL recognition under file BBET2.MH13654

Key features – benefits

■    Built-in pressure vent guarantees safety in case of mistreatment
■    Low self discharge: no handling, no charging – ready to use after storage
■    Extended lifetime to more then 1000 charge/discharge cycles
■    Cost effective charging system due to patented GCE electrode
■    No memory effect
■    Deep discharge capability
■    Direst mounting on PCB possible due to patented crimp sealing system

The complete overview of the product families can be found at Varta Microbattery catalogue.

download PDF

Murata Power Solutions/DATEL Digital Panel Meters
DATEL digital panel meters have a long-standing reputation as a high-quality, reasonably priced product that will operate correctly for decades.  Since their introduction in the 1970s, applications were fairly straightforward: digitally display a physical parameter (pounds, pressure, temperature, etc.) by performing an analog-to-digital conversion on a dc input-voltage proportional to the physical parameter. All models were powered from a standard +5Vdc logic supply, contained red LEDs, and could only measure static or slowly varying dc inputs.
Thirty-five years later, Murata Power Solutions still offers DATEL DPMs that perform the basic function noted above. However, the product line has been significantly expanded to include:
■    Display AC inputs (volts, amps, and frequency)
■    4-20mA current loops commonly found in industrial process monitoring
■    AC and DC voltages as high as 600V
■    True-RMS values

You can choose models contains LCD display (backlight as option) or LED display in one of many colors. One of the newest solution is DPM contains “DayLight Readable” LED display which automatically adjust display brightness according to outside conditions.

Datel panel meters are mostly used in the fallowing applications and markets:
■    Emergency vehicles
■    Marine
■    Transportation
■    Portable instruments
■    Battery back-up systems (UPS)
■    AC current & voltage monitoring
■    DC current & voltage monitoring
■    Universities / technical schools
■    Power supply manufacturers
■    Consultants / engineering design shops
■    Research laboratories
■    Industrial process monitoring
■    -48Vdc Telecom power systems
■    High-Rel applications

Check DMP Data Book:

 download PDF

The world changes and so change Batteries !
Prismatic Ni-MH Cells are disappearing from the market !
Varta Microbattery offer a proper substitution alternative for Your slim Battery design

- VH650F6M -> V600HR
- VH900F5 ->2pV450HR or 2pV600HR
- VH860F6 -> 2pV450HR
- VH1350F9 -> 2pV600HR

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Updated Walsin’s catalogues
We invite you to download new versions of Walsin’s catalogues
Walsin Technology Corporation is co-founder of PSA group (Passive System Alliance). Company based in 1990 is one of the passive components industry leaders. Walsin’s offer contains:

- MLCC capacitors                                                   download pdf
                                                                                download Short Form
- Chip resistors                                                       download pdf
- RF devices & High frequency inductors               download pdf
- TH and SMD Varistors                                          download pdf

Ropla Elektronik is Authorized Distributor of Walsin company since 2006.

Read more about Walsin company
New Product - 782485 Transformers
Murata Power Solutions has announced a new 782485 series of transformers that simplify implementation of isolated RS-485 and RS-422 interfaces based on Analog Devices chipsets by eliminating the need to select, compare and test alternative solutions.

    Transformers recommended by Analog Devices for use with ADM2485 transceiver.
    Low profile device offers 2.5kVrms isolation and industrial temperature operation.
    Accurately controlled turns ratio for consistent performance.
    Toroidal construction maximizes efficiency and reduces EMI
    Each device in the new 782485 converter transformer series has been specifically designed for use with the Analog Devices ADM2485 high speed, isolated differential bus RS-485 transceiver.
    Fully approved by Analog Devices, the transformers are also recommended in the company’s ADM2485 datasheets and reference design documentation.
Why we will be successful!
    Accurately controlled turns ratios ensure consistent performance, whilst the toroidal construction provides high efficiency and minimizes EMI.
    The new transformers are supplied in a low profile (6.35mm), fully encapsulated package with an industry standard DIL pinout. Surface mount versions will be available soon.
    Incorporating an internal transformer driver, the Analog Devices ADM2485 is deployed in isolated RS-485 and RS-422 interfaces as well as PROFIBUS® networks, industrial field networks and multipoint data transmission systems.
    Combining the device with a Murata Power Solutions 782485 transformer, an LDO regulator and a small number of discrete components allows designers to quickly implement a fully isolated 5V power supply.

New Optosupply catalogue 
Now you can download from our website new Optosupply 2008 catalogue.

As innovation is very important for Optosupply there is some new products worth considering. We would like to introduce you new Power Led series.

Xeon Power Emitter
■    Highest luminous flux
■    Super energy efficiency
■    Long operating life (up to 100K hours)
■    Superior ESD protection

3 in 1 Super Flux
■    High power output and high efficiency
■    Designed for high voltage DC 12V and low current 20mA operation

High Power Super Flux
■   Super Flux Output
■   Low Thermal resistance
■   Design For High Current Operation.

Screw Based LED series
■   LED diode with screw based package
■   Forward voltage 4-24V, AC or DC driver
■   Luminous intensity up to 12cd

■   Read lights (car, bus, aircraft)
■   Portable (flashlight, bicycle)
■   Bollards / Security / Garden
■   Traffic signaling / Beacons
■   In door / Out door Commercial lights
■   Automotive

Activity expansion
According to our development policy  we would like to inform about our constant activity expansion.
To be much closer to all of our existing and potential customers there has been established brand new office.  This time in Bulgaria.
At this moment our reaction for the regional demand will be faster and also more effective.

For more information please contact:

Ropla Elektronik
Burgas - Nessebar
I Linden No. 8
PC 8239 Bania, Bulgaria
T: +359 556 37 150
M: +359 884 354 827
Mark Plant - Technical Sales Manager

Changing the logos in Murata-PS products 
Following its acquisition of C&D Technologies’ Power Electronics Division, Murata Power Solutions has begun the process of changing the logos on its products. Specifications and performance are completely unaffected by this change of labeling.

Download the pdf

Jamicon fans according to your specification

Kaimei Electronics company is one of the leading manufacturer of AC and DC fans. Thanks to twenty years of experiences Jamicon brand, which is used to sign all Kaimei products, is well known around the world. Success of Jamicon is build on high quality and creativity joined with reasonable prices level. Prestige of Kaimei is increased by Papst authorization, which guarantees high quality of Jamicon fans.

High flexibility of Kaimei’s R&D Department cause, that Ropla as exclusive distributor of Jamicon brand in Poland, can offer customers both standard and custom made fans. Option which you can consider are:

- auto-restart,

- alarm signal output,

- tachometer signal output,

- IC temperature speed control,

- PWM speed control,

- different joins variants of proceeding functions.

One of latest result of cooperation between Kaimei and Ropla is modification of standard series JF0825 according to customer specification to IP55 compliant version. Thanks to covering parts of fan by SCC3 acryl polymer crust it offers protection before water jets and dust. Thanks to this modification fan can work in very adverse conditions. IP55 compatibility is approved by independent tests ordered by Ropla in Association of Polish Electrical Engineers “SEP”.

Execution of such a sophisticated project render about really high engineering possibilities of Kaimei Company. Moreover that few others, well known on European market companies, wasn’t able to match untypical demand of our customer.

Small size MLCC capacitors
We have pleasure to inform that from today our Customers will find in offer Walsin MLCC capacitors in size 0402. They are designed to use in applications where small size of component is crucial but without losing high quality.
New offer includes:
- capacitors with NP0/C0G dielectric
  capacity range 0.5pF – 470pF
- capacitors with X7R dielectric
  capacity range 100pF – 47nF
- capacitors with Y5V dielectric
  capacity range 10nF – 1uF
Rated voltages 6.3V, 10V, 16V, 25V and 50V available.
New components increase range of capacitors manufactured by Walsin Technologies Corporation which Ropla Elektronik offer.
Distributor of the Year for Eastern Europe

For efforts in promoting and selling C&D Technologies product’s on East Europe market during financial period February 2006 to January 2007 (FY07) Ropla Elektronik received Distributor of the Year for Eastern Europe Award.

The key factors in this decision was

- POS growth
- Network share growth
- Excellent local market knowledge
- Strong working relationship with C&D sales/distribution management team
- Overall willingness to drive and expand the business to our mutual benefit

Ropla Elektronik is C&D Technologies distributor since 2004. Nowadays six branches of our company are engaged in promoting and selling C&D Technologies product’s in twelve Eastern Europe countries.

Many years of experiences in selling converters, professional approach and engage make us well perceive partner not only by C&D managers but notably by our customers.

Ropla authorized  distributor of OptoSupply
Due to growing interest  of optoelectronics components amid our Customers and ours development policy we have decided to add to our offer light-emitting diodes manufactured by OptoSupply Company. OptoSupply offer whole range of trough hole and surface mount LED diodes with assorted sizes and shapes and whole range of colors.
Benefit form add new producer is allow to choose component which fulfill all Yours requirements.

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New LED-display digital panel meters from C&D

C&D Technologies  has introduced a new DSM-30DR series LED-display digital panel meter and  become first on the market  producer of  Auto-Dimming panel meters. Thanks to new technology  panels are readable even in direct sunlight. No special filters or shading devices are required. Washed out, hard-to-read digital readouts are a thing of the past!

- super-bright LED display, 3½  digit, 14,2mm high,
- compact moisture and vibration resistant integrated package, suitable for panel or PCB mounting,
- includes external brightness adjustment pin,
- available in four differential input voltage ranges: ±200mV, ±2V, ±20V and ±200V.

New line of DC/DC converters

HHS04-520 is an industry standard half-brick DC/DC converter that complies with IEEE802.3 standard for Power over LAN applications (routers, switches, etc.). It features isolation of 2250V DC and low-noise operation. It operates over voltage input range of 36V to 72V (48V). Operating temperature range of -40’C to +100’C. Considering the small size of the PCB, the converter delivers as much as 200W of power.  The average input voltage of the converter equals 48V DC, which means that it can be supplied directly from devices supplying telecommunications modules.

Technical data HHS04-520-0B
• 52.5V 200W Half-Brick DC/DC converter
• High efficiency of up to 92%
• 2250 V DC isolation
• Remote sense
• Remote on/off
• Thickness 0.42”
New rechargeable battery from Varta Microbattery

Varta Microbattery has introduced a new series of V150 batteries - V150HT. They have been designed to be applied in equipment exposed to high temperatures. V150HT replaces V110HT cell and is mainly targeted at industrial and automotive market segments.

Parameters NiMH V150HT
Nominal voltage 1,2V
Capacity 150mAh
Max. length 14,1mm
Max width 25,6mm
Max. height 5,85mm
Weight  6g

V150HT rechargeable batteries are produced using Lead Free technology and contain no lead, mercury and cadmium. Received UL certificates. Application: automotive sector, industrial measurement devices and timers, solar applications.

Jamicon extends its polymer-based capacitor range

Taiwan producer of electrolytic capacitors, Jamicon, has extended its offer with three series of polymer-based capacitors: PT – capacitors with wire lead, as well as PC and PF – both for SMD-mounting. The PT and PF series feature extremely low ESR, high ripple current and very high working frequency. They have compact dimensions and operating temperature up to 105°C. Polymer capacitors are available in the voltage range of 2.5 to 16V and capacity of 18 to 1000µF. These features, in particular low ESR, make Jamicon capacitors particularly suitable for production of DC-DC converters, computer mother boards, for high frequency circuit applications and filter systems.