Partnership co-operation

Microsoft® Windows Embedded

By signing a partnership agreement with ELBACOM – general distributor of Microsoft® Windows Embedded in Europe, Ropla Elektronik created an autonomous unit ELBACOM POLSKA (for details see dedicated purely to the distribution and promotion of Microsoft® Windows Embedded systems. Embedded system means simply a computer system for dedicated (customised) applications such as: cash registers, vending machines, information terminals, gaming machines, measuring instrumentation, industrial control equipment, set-top boxes, telecommunications equipment, all kinds of portable devices for data filing and communication, multimedia equipment such as DVD and MP3 players, cash dispensers, ticket dispensers, etc.

ROPLA Computers

Ropla Computers Sp. z o.o. is a joint-venture company and it belongs to the Ropla group. As the general distributor, it offers Sweex and U.S. Blaster products in Poland. The company is also selling under its own brand computer cases and power supplies for ATX cases.

Ropla Computers offers its products to companies in Poland and is also exporting them to other countries in Central and Eastern Europe. The goal of the company is to provide clients with best development opportunities, reliability of operation by offering top-quality hardware and maximum support in selling products distributed by Ropla Computers.

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