Capacitors: Changzhou Huawei.

Changzhou Huawei Electronics Co. is steadily gaining recognition and confirming its quality as one of the leading capacitor manufacturers in the Asian market. This has also been happening in the European market for some time. We would like to remind you that Ropla Elektronik is an official distributor of capacitors of this brand since 2020.

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Okaya „Components of the future”.

We would like to introduce you to the product offer of Okaya Electric Industries Co., Ltd. Okaya is one of the longest operating companies in the film capacitor industry. It is also the world's largest manufacturer of interference suppression capacitors. The company was founded in 1939 in Tokyo. Currently it has four production plants in Japan and one plant each in China (...)

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Cincon Insulated DC/DC Converters CFB750-300SXX-CMFD Series.

The product group of inverters has been expanded with more models from Cincon in the CFB750-300SXX-CMFD series.

The series offers inverters with an output voltage of 12V, 15V, 24V, 28V, 36V and 48V with an output power of 750W. The input voltage range is from 200 to 450Vdc and 3000Vac reinforced insulation. This product (...)

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SamYoung - PFB series electrolytic capacitors

Ropla Elektronik presents a new series of PFB electrolytic capacitors from SamYoung, the largest capacitor manufacturer in South Korea, which is a member of the NIPPON CHEMI-CON group.

This series offers capacitors with capacitance values between 18µF - 150µF and a voltage range of 400 - 500VDC. These capacitors are additionally (...)

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MKT polyester capacitors of the PCX2 347 series from Pilkor. Capacitors without corona effect.

In Ropla's offer you can still find and buy safety class X2 polyester capacitors of Korean company Pilkor from PCX2 347 series. This series is devoid of "corona effect", which significantly reduces capacitance loss, and the series itself is dedicated to be used in series connection with power line.

Normally in X2 series capacitors (...)

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Cincon CFM500M Medical Power Supply.

The CFM500M series are new high density open AC/DC medical power supplies. They are compliant with MOPP standard 2 and have baseboard cooling. They provide a regulated power of 500W in addition they feature an input range voltage: 80~264Vac. They are available in 5 output voltage options: 12, 18, 24, 36 and 48VDC. It has a high starting efficiency (...)

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