Index Ropla AKY1706
Manufacturer's part number NM-R20-100M
Manufacturer Akyga battery
Data sheet /aky/aky1706.pdf aky1706.pdf (1,04MB)

Product group Rechargeable Batteries
Manufacturer Akyga battery
Rechargeable Battery Type Ni-MH
Package/Case R20P (D)
Width 32.2mm
High 61mm
Rated Voltage 1.2V
Capacitance 10000mAh
Nominal Charge Current 0.1C
Nominal Discharge Current 0.1C
Max Charge Current 0.5C
Max Discharge Current 0.5C
Tₘᵢₙ -20°C
Tₘₐₓ 55°C
Packaging Inner Box
Customs number 85078000
High performance cylindrical-cell rechargeable Ni-MH Battery.

• Superior overcharge stability
• High reliability
• Discharge currents <=2CA
• Wide temperature range
• Low self discharge of 20% at RT after 1 year
• Flat and stable discharge voltage
• Good recovery characteristics
• Long life of typical 500 full cycles

• RTC backup,
• Memory backup
• Sensor network supply
• Real-time clocks
• Industrial
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