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Herstellerkennzeichnung CFM330M1EE05W
Ordering code CFM330M1EE05W
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Warengruppe Electrolytic Capacitors
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Capacitors Chip
Type Low Impedance
Mounting SMD
Series CF
Capacitance 33µF
Rated voltage 25V
Capacitance tolerance 20%
Casing 6.3x5.8
Load Life 1000h
Ripple Current 230mA
Impedance 440mΩ
Temperature -55/+105°C
Package Tape and Reel
Sammelverpackung 1.000/10.000/20.000 pcs
Herkunftsland China
Zolltarifnummer 85322200
• Load Life 1000~2000h @105°C
• For high density mounting
• Low impedance at 100kHz
• RoHS compliant
JAM1905 info Electrolytic Capacitor, CD 33uF-25V /6.3x5.8/ SMD 105C, Low Impedance, 2000h
JAM1906 info Electrolytic Capacitor, CD 33uF-35V /6.3x5.8/ SMD 105C, Low Impedance, 2000h
JAM1973 info Electrolytic Capacitor, CF 33uF-35V /6.3x5.8/ SMD 105C, Low Impedance, 1000h
JAM2020 info Electrolytic Capacitor, CK 33uF-25V /6.3x5.8/ SMD 105C, Low Impedance, 1000h
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Sammelverpackung 1.000/10.000/20.000 pcs
Package Tape and Reel

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