Индекс Ropla SMY4124
Обозначение изготовителя MDG501A
Изготовитель SamYoung S&C
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Товарная группа Humidity Sensors and other
Изготовитель SamYoung S&C
Mounting N/A
Tₘᵢₙ -20°C
Tₘₐₓ 80°C
Packaging tray
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Вес 25.000000 g
Вес сводной упаковки 625 g/3 125 g/12 500 g
Страна происхождения South Korea
Таможенный код 85334090
MDG501A is a compact sized multi-sensor module
consisting of particle density and air quality (TVOC) sensors.
• Quantitative particle density measurement with the principle of particle counter.
• Fine particles of bigger than one micron could be detected with high sensitivity.
• Inside heater induces air inflow to the module.
• Two output contacts for particle and one output contact for TVOC.

The MDG501A consists of :
• Light Emitting Diode (LED) Lamp
• Detector (Particle)
• Signal amplifier circuit
• Output drive circuit 1
• Output drive circuit 2
• Heater induced air flow
• Air Quality or TVOC sensor & circuit
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