Індекс Ropla PIL1687
Означення виробника PCMP 389 FN2752
Виробник Pilkor
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Товарна група Film Capacitors
Виробник Pilkor
Type AC & Pulse
Dielectric polypropylene
Mounting THT
Series PCMP 389
Capacitance 7.5nF
Rated Voltage 1250VDC / 500VAC
Tolerance 5%
Casing 6x12x18
Pitch 15mm
dV/dt 1850V/µs
Climatic Category 55/105/56
Tₘᵢₙ -55°C
Tₘₐₓ 105°C
Package Bulk
Зведена упаковка -/1 000/4 000 pcs
Країна походження China
Митний код 85322500
• 15mm to 27.5mm lead pitch
• Low contact resistance
• Low loss dielectric
• Small dimensions for high density packaging
• Supplied loose in box and taped on reel
• High pulse withstand capability (1600V, 2000V)


• Where steep pulses occur e.g. SMPS (switch
mode power supplies)
• S - correction
• Motor control circuits
• Electronic lighting circuits (1600V, 2000V)
• Stable capacitance in damp environment
85°C, 85%RH, VRdc , 500hours
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Зведена упаковка -/1 000/4 000 pcs
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