Індекс Ropla AKS0073
Означення виробника SS320B
Виробник Akyga semi
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Товарна група Schottky diodes and bridges
Виробник Akyga semi
Type Schottky rectifier
Mounting Style SMD
Package/Case SMB (DO-214AA)
Reverse Voltage VRRM 200V
Forward Current IF(AV) 3.0A
Forward Voltage VF 920mV
Peak Forward Surge Current IFSM 80A
Tₘᵢₙ -65°C
Tₘₐₓ 150°C
Packaging Tape on Reel
Зведена упаковка -/3 000/- pcs
Митний код 85411000

•Metal silicon junction, majority carrier conduction
•For surface mounted applications
• Low power loss, high efficiency
• High forward surge current capability
• For use in low voltage, high frequency inverters, free wheeling, and polarity protection applications
HYE0820 info Schottky Barrier Rectifier 200V/3A 0 pcs on stock
0 pcs on stock

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-/3 000/- pcs Зведена упаковка

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