Индекс Ropla HUW0490
Обозначение изготовителя VD1E221MF105000CE0
Изготовитель Changzhou Huawei Electronic
Карта каталога /huw/vd.pdf vd.pdf (762,45KB)

Товарная группа Electrolytic Capacitors
Изготовитель Changzhou Huawei Electronic
Capacitors Chip
Type Low Impedance
Mounting Style SMD
Series VD
Capacitance 220µF
Rated Voltage 25V
Tolerance 20%
Package/Case 8.0x10.5
Load Life 5000h
Ripple Current 650mA
Impedance 160mΩ
Tₘᵢₙ -55°C
Tₘₐₓ 105°C
Packaging Reel 15"
Сводная упаковка 500/3 500/7 000 pcs
Вес 1.542857 g
Вес сводной упаковки 771 g/5 400 g/10 800 g
Таможенный код 85322200
Surface Mount Electrolytic Capacitor, VD Series:

• Low Impedance
• Load Life 3000~5000h @105°C
• Reflow soldering is available
• Available for high density surface mounting
• Adapted to the RoHS directive
HUW0497 info Electrolytic Capacitor, VD 220uF-35V /10x10.5/ 105C, LI, 5000h, SMD 0 pcs on stock
HUW2766 info Electrolytic Capacitor, VD 220uF-50V /10x10.5/ 105C, LI, 5000h, SMD 520 pcs on stock
HUW2829 info Electrolytic Capacitor, XB 220uF-63V /12.5x13.5/ 105C, LI, 5000h, SMD 0 pcs on stock
7 000 pcs on stock

500 pcs Minimum order quantity
500 pcs Multiple
500/3 500/7 000 pcs Сводная упаковка

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