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Producteur Akyga battery
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Groupe de marchandise Rechargeable Batteries
Producteur Akyga battery
Rechargeable Battery Type Li-Po
Package/Case 5.7x34x50
Thickness 5.7mm
Width 34mm
High 50mm
Rated Voltage 3.7V
Capacitance 980mAh
Protection PCM
Leads connector
Wires 63mm
Connector type TE 440129-2
Pins 2
Lead Spacing 2.00mm
Nominal Charge Current 0.2C
Nominal Discharge Current 0.2C
Max Charge Current 1C
Max Discharge Current 1C
Tₘᵢₙ -20°C
Tₘₐₓ 60°C
Packaging Tray
Emballage collectif -/12/- pcs
Numéro du tarif douanier 85078000
Lithium-polymer battery with a safety PCM circuit and connector

● High current efficiency
● No memory effect
● Good value of the dimensions and capacity of the cell
● High flexibility in the design of shapes and sizes.
● High-quality safety PCM circuit, controls processes of charging and discharging
● Easy to install - with a leads in the form of wires and special connector
● No electrolyte, carbon materials. Batteries environmentally friendly
● Slow spontaneous discharge cells
● Application, among others, mobile devices: cameras and digital cameras, PDAs,
mobile phones, multimedia players. Used as a power source in model, eg. Remote-controlled planes and helicopters.
Very popular in logistics systems GPS and medicine.
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