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Producteur Akyga battery
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Groupe de marchandise Rechargeable Batteries
Producteur Akyga battery
Rechargeable Battery Type Ni-MH
Mounting Style -
Thickness 5.2mm
Width 11.6mm
Rated Voltage 1.2V
Capacitance 40mAh
Protection none
Leads druk poziomy
Nominal Charge Current 0.1C
Nominal Discharge Current 0.1C
Max Discharge Current 0.5C
Packaging Inner Box
Pays de provenance China
Numéro du tarif douanier 85075000
High performance button-cell rechargeable Ni-MH Battery.

• Superior overcharge stability
• High reliability
• Discharge currents <=2CA
• Wide temperature range
• Low self discharge of 20% at RT after 1 year
• Flat and stable discharge voltage
• Good recovery characteristics
• Long life of typical 500 full cycles
• Suited for PCB mounting

• RTC backup,
• Memory backup
• Sensor network supply
• Real-time clocks
• Industrial
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