Índice Ropla OKA0109
Designación del fabricante R26-242-BGL
Fabricante Okaya
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Grupo de mercancías Gas Discharge Tube
Fabricante Okaya
Mounting Style THT
Series R26
DC Sparkover 2400V
Peak Pulse Current 5000A
Capacitance 1.0pF
Package/Case 6.0x5.1
Tₘᵢₙ -40°C
Tₘₐₓ 90°C
Packaging Bulk
Embalaje para varias unidades de mercancía -/100/2.000 pcs
País de origen China
Número de tarifa aduanera 85361010

• Quick response for surge.
• High impulse current capacity
• It can withstand alternating current
• Excellent insulation resistance and small capacitance
• Recommendation of ITU-T conformity

• Telephone, PBX, Wireless base station, Optical transmission equipments, CATV transmission equipments,
Fire alarm systems and Home security systems
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100 pcs Multiple
-/100/2.000 pcs Embalaje para varias unidades de mercancía

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