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Designación del fabricante 330KD10
Fabricante BrightKing
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Grupo de mercancías Varistors
Fabricante BrightKing
Mounting Style THT
Type Standard
Series 10D
Package/Case D=10mm
Thickness 5mm
Lead Spacing 7.5mm
Voltage Rating AC 20VAC
Voltage Rating DC 26VDC
Varistor Voltage 33V
Clamping Voltage 65V
Peak Surge Current 500A
Surge Energy Rating 4J
Capacitance @1kHz 3000pF
Power 0.05W
Tₘᵢₙ -40°C
Tₘₐₓ 85°C
Packaging Bag
Embalaje para varias unidades de mercancía 500/2.000/8.000 pcs
Peso 0.977000 g
Peso de embalaje para varias unidades de mercancía 489 g/1.954 g/7.816 g
Número de tarifa aduanera 85334090
Metal Oxide Varistor (MOV), 10D Series.

• Wide operating voltage (V1mA) range from 18V to 1100V
• Fast responding to transient over-voltage
• Large absorbing transient energy capability
• Low clamping ratio and no follow-on current
• Meets MSL level 1, per J-STD-020
• Operating Temperature:-40°C ~ +85°C
• Storage Temperature:-40°C ~ +125°C
• Safety certification UL: E327997
• Safety certification CSA: 246579
• Safety certification VDE: 40027827

• Transistor, diode, IC, thyristor or triac semiconductor protection
• Surge protection in consumer electronics
• Surge protection in industrial electronics
• Surge protection in electronic home appliances, gas and petroleum appliances
• Relay and electromagnetic valve surge absorption

Item available in various variants of leads (leads straight or constrained) and packaging methods:
• Exposure in bulk
• Cut the feet in bulk
• Tape & Box
• Tape & Reel
CNR0053 info Zinc Oxide Varistor 10D 20Vac/26Vdc 500A 4J P7.5 L=25mm 0 pcs on stock
2.000 pcs on stock
by special order
when stock is gone MOQ = 8.000 pcs
multiple = 500 pcs

100 pcs Minimum order quantity
10 pcs Multiple
500/2.000/8.000 pcs Embalaje para varias unidades de mercancía

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