PILKOR was started in 1974 as Philips Electronics Korea. At the time, it was a Korea-based Philips plant manufacturing metallized film capacitors (MKT / MPP / PP+MMKP) and metal film resistors. In 1994, Philips withdrew from the business and PILKOR was established. Currently, PILKOR is the largest Korea’s manufacturer of these products. Annual turnover of the company in 2002 amounted to USD 45-50 million.
Pilkor’s largest customers include, but are not limited to: Philips TV, Samsung TV, LG TV, Sanyo TV, Toshiba TV, OSRAM, Delta, APC, TYCO, Philips Lighting, Schaffner, Panasonic, SMPS, SANKEN. The company’s market share equals 12% and the company is ranked among 4 largest capacitor manufacturers in the world. Aside from capacitors, the company has a separate unit manufacturing MCI, WCI, ASM, BTM. Products offered by the company comply with European Directive RoHS i.e. are suitable for lead-free soldering.