Індекс Ropla OKA0286
Означення виробника RSPD-500-U4
Виробник Okaya
Карта каталогу /oka/rspd.pdf rspd.pdf (152,13KB)

Товарна група Gas Discharge Tube
Виробник Okaya
Mounting Style THT
Series RSPD
DC Sparkover 1300V
Peak Pulse Current 2500A
Tₘᵢₙ -40°C
Tₘₐₓ 70°C
Packaging Bulk
Зведена упаковка 25/100/200 pcs
Країна походження Japan
Митний код 85361010
• Continual eated voltage AC150V-AC600V
• Lightning surge protection for both single and three phase application
• Fast response
• Maximum peak surge current
• Every pathway consists of same elements. Between line and line/between lines and ground can protect the same level

• Applications:
tapping machine, cnc turning machine, general machinery
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