Індекс Ropla OKA0235
Означення виробника RAV-781BWZ-2A
Виробник Okaya
Карта каталогу /oka/rav_bwz(bxz)-2a(3c).pdf rav_bwz(bxz)-2a(3c).pdf (159,55KB)

Товарна група Gas Discharge Tube
Виробник Okaya
Mounting Style THT
Series RAW-BWZ-2A
Impulse Sparkover Voltage 2000V
Capacitance 50pF
Tₘᵢₙ -20°C
Tₘₐₓ 70°C
Packaging Bulk
Зведена упаковка -/50/100 pcs
Вага 47.000000 g
Вага зведеної упаковки -/2 350 g/4 700 g
Країна походження Japan
Митний код 85361010

• These models are specially designed for use in AC power line applications which may require European (CE) mark.
• They are designed for use in Single and Three-Phase applications for protection against "Common mode" noise transient surges.
• Three-Phase application include Delta and Y connections to 500VAC
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1 pcs Multiple
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