Индекс Ropla PIL0024
Обозначение изготовителя PCX1 331J45104
Изготовитель Pilkor
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Товарная группа Film Capacitors
Изготовитель Pilkor
Type X1
Dielectric polypropylene
Mounting THT
Series PCX1 331
Capacitance 100nF
Rated voltage 440VAC
Capacitance tolerance 10%
Casing 7x16.5x26
Pitch 22.5mm
dV/dt 150V/µs
Climatic category 55/105/21
Tₘᵢₙ -55°C
Tₘₐₓ 105°C
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Сводная упаковка -/1 000/4 000 pcs
Страна происхождения China
Таможенный код 85322500
•15 to 27.5 mm lead pitch
• Supplied loose in box and taped on reel
• Consist of a low-inductive wound cell of Metallized Polypropylene film, potted in a flame retardant case

• For X1-electromagnetic interference suppression
• Specially designed to meet the NEW REQUIREMENTS in new IEC 60384-14 specification(2nd edition) / EN 132400
requiring for X1 a 4kV peak pulse voltage test and the UL1414 and CSA-C22.2 No.1 specification
OKA0150 info Interference Suppression Film Capacitor, MKP 100nF-275Vac 10% P22.5, L=15mm, X1
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Сводная упаковка -/1 000/4 000 pcs
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