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Désignation du producteur 1206N101J102CT
Producteur Walsin Technology
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Groupe de marchandise Ceramic Capacitors
Producteur Walsin Technology
Type high voltage surge
Dielectric C0G / NP0
Mounting SMD
Capacitance 100pF
Rated Voltage 1kV
Tolerance 5%
High 1.25mm
Casing 1206 (3216)
Temperature Characteristic ±30ppm/°C
Tₘᵢₙ -55°C
Tₘₐₓ 125°C
Package Tape on Reel
Emballage collectif 3 000/15 000/30 000 pcs
Poids 0.048100 g
Poids de l’emballage collectif 144 g/722 g/1 443 g
Pays de provenance China
Numéro du tarif douanier 85322400
Multi-Layer Ceramic Capacitor
C0G (NP0) Dielectric

• Monolithic structure ensures high reliability and mechanical strength.
• High capacitance density.
• A wide range of capacitance values in standard case size.
• Suitable for high speed SMT placement on PCBs.
• Ni barrier termination highly resistance to migration.
• Lead-free termination is in compliance with the requirement of green plan and ROHS

• General electronic equipment.
• Custom Application.
PDC1977 info Multilayer Caramic Capacitor 1206, 100pF-1000V C0G 5%
on stock: 9 000 pcs

Minimum order quantity 3 000 pcs
Multiple 3 000 pcs
Emballage collectif 3 000/15 000/30 000 pcs
Package Tape on Reel

3 000 pcs +