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Désignation du producteur FCF02FV-45R3
Producteur PDC
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Groupe de marchandise SMD resistors
Producteur PDC
Mounting SMD
Type Standard Type
Series FCF
Resistance 45.3Ω
Power 1/16W
Tolerance 1%
Casing 0402 (1005)
High 0.35mm
Max. Working Voltage 50V
Max. Overload Voltage 100V
Temperature Coefficient 100ppm/°C
Tₘᵢₙ -55°C
Tₘₐₓ 155°C
Package Tape on Reel
Emballage collectif 10 000/100 000/600 000 pcs
Pays de provenance Taiwan
Numéro du tarif douanier 85331000
■ Thick Film Lead Free Chip Resistors

• Compatible with wave and reflow soldering
• Small size and light weight
• High reliability and stability
• Reduced size of final equipment
• Suitable for high density print

• Mobile phone
• Measurement instruments
• Camcorders, Palmtop computers
• Portable Devices
• Hybrid module
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Minimum order quantity 10 000 pcs
Multiple 10 000 pcs
Emballage collectif 10 000/100 000/600 000 pcs
Package Tape on Reel

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