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Herstellerkennzeichnung RHCA-362H53U
Hersteller Okaya
Katalogkarte /oka/rhca5039-5639.pdf rhca5039-5639.pdf (64,93KB)

Warengruppe Gas Discharge Tube
Hersteller Okaya
Mounting Style SMD
Series RHCA53
DC Sparkover 3600V
Peak Pulse Current 2000A
Impulse Sparkover Voltage 4950V
Capacitance 0.6pF
Package/Case 2016 (5039)
Tₘᵢₙ -20°C
Tₘₐₓ 70°C
Packaging Tape on Reel
Sammelverpackung -/2.500/25.000 pcs
Herkunftsland Japan
Zolltarifnummer 85361010
RHCA53 series is suitable for products that need DC insulation resistance test on Line -FG, SG of a communications / signal line.
Impulse current capacity is 2,000A 8/20µs

• Chip surge absorber for protection from indirect lightning surge, adaptable to high density surface mount technology
• Impulse current capacity 2,000A 8/20µs
• Small electrostatic capacity (Maximum 0.6pF)
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-/2.500/25.000 pcs Sammelverpackung

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